• Mar 25, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 56:58 mins

Interviews included in this episode: The Apple Seed Interview 1: Catherine Edwards Notes: Catherine is a caring, savvy English and history teacher from New York City. Sam Payne and Catherine discuss how she became interested in teaching, what being a middle school teacher is like, and how she's been able to help students through the subject she teaches.  Johanna Hancock Interview 2: Johanna Hancock Notes: The Apple Seed's producer Andy Bay interviewed Johanna, a high school teacher in the San Francisco Bay area. She shares her experience with teaching a 5th period class that was so tough to crack, it took an act of God.    The Apple Seed Interview 3: Steve Williams Notes: Steve Williams is a teacher at a K-8th charter school in Park City, UT. Steve spoke with Andy Bay about his commitment to the idea of a school as a community and some of the fears he had as a young teacher.  Sam Bennion Interview 4: Sam Bennion and the Rebecchis Notes: Sam Bennion, a student producer with The Apple Seed, reconnected with his beloved 3rd grade teachers, Margaret and Larry Rebecchis, and they swap memories from Sam's time in their classroom.