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Language and Tolerance, Ask For Help, Mental Health Foods

The Matt Townsend Show
  • Apr 24, 2018
  • 02:19:51

How learning a new language improves tolerance (12:01) Amy Thompson, Ph.D.,  is the Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of South Florida. Less than 1% of American adults today are proficient in a foreign language that they studied in a U.S. classroom. With that in mind, Professor Amy Thompson sees that there are benefits that make learning a second language worthwhile when it comes to improving tolerance. Why You Don't Ask For Help (1:00:30) Mark Bolino, Ph.D., is a professor of management at the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma. He specializes in organizational behavior, international business, and human resources management. His research interests include impression management in the workplace and global careers.  All of us find it difficult to ask for help sometimes. Maybe it is because we don’t trust a co-worker, or perhaps we are just trying to be self-reliant. Whatever the reason, studies have shown that when we don’t ask for help our individual and team performance suffers. Mark Bolino explains.   Mental Health and Brain Foods (1:45:42) Ron Hager, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Exercise Sciences in the College of Life Sciences at Brigham Young University. His area is expertise is Chronic Disease Prevention. Dr. Hager talks about how our diets impact our mental health. Show More...

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