Jambalaya Eleven
  • Mar 26, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 53:22 mins

Stories included in this episode: Joel ben Izzy Stories 1-2: "Be Polite" & "The Pickpocket" Teller: Joel ben Izzy Site: www.storypage.com Notes: In the first story, a woman tries her teach her child manners in utero, and in the second story, a couple learns that their child is a talented thief. Laura Pershin Raynor Story 3: The Basement Teller: Laura Pershin Raynor Site: www.lpraynor.com Notes: Laura's father plays a prank on the college students who walk past Laura's window. Simon Brooks Story 4: The Fly Teller: Simon Brooks Site: www.diamondscree.com Notes: A dishonest creditor tries to collect his money, and his plan is thwarted by the clever son of the debtors.  Priscilla Howe Story 5: The Small-Tooth Dog Teller: Priscilla Howe Site: www.priscillahowe.com Notes: The daughter of an unlucky man is taken by a beast. Jill Lamede Story 6: The Blue Feather Teller: Jill Lamede Site: www.lamede.com Notes: An orphan's wishes are granted by a magical feather.