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Ice Music, Russian Rock, Butter, Gentleman's Gazette

Constant Wonder
  • Jan 17, 2020
  • 01:41:14

Making Music with Icestruments (originally aired April 19, 2019) Guest: Tim Linhart, Founder of Ice Music in Luleå, Sweden  What does it take to make a cello or guitar? Probably some suitable wood. String of some kind would be good. And a fair amount of know-how. But what if you were to make them out of water instead of wood? Water would trickle away … so maybe snow and ice instead? Tim Linhart makes icestruments, and they make an amazing sound. Smuggling Rock and Roll In and Out of the USSR Guest: Joanna Stingray, American singer-songwriter How an American musician snuck Russian rock and roll out from under the KGB and into the world during the Cold War. Butter Guest: Elaine Khosrova, food writer and founding editor of "culture," a national magazine about cheese Butter is starting to come back. The reasons we had for thinking it unhealthy were based on questionable science, and there is so much to be loved in good old butter. There are hundreds of sorts of butter, and it had a facinating history around the world. What Makes a Gentleman? Guest: Raphael Schneider, founder, "Gentleman's Gazette" website With a careful eye for fashion, patience, and a mature disposition, anyone can be a gentleman. Show More...

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