New Tellers
  • Jan 27, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 56:00 mins

Stories and songs included in this episode: Mary Hamilton Story 1: Kate Crackernuts Teller: Mary Hamilton Site: Notes: A Scottish fairy tale. Andrew Wright Story 2: Girl on a Train Teller: Andrew Wright Site: Notes: A keen observer of life encounters a girl on the train. Rick Huddle Story 3: High School Nemesis Teller: Rick Huddle Site: Notes: A tale about the most intimate of enemies. Paul Taylor Song 1: Cooee Teller: Paul Taylor Site: Notes: "Can you hear the sound of the wind in the eucalyptus tree?" Paul Taylor Song 2: Waltzing Matilda Teller: Paul Taylor Site: Notes: Australia's best-known bush ballad. Mary Wright Story 4: Queen Mother's Summer Palace Teller: Mary Wright Site: Notes: Mary Wright and her sister have an exciting time in their travels in South East Asia.