Narcissistic Leaders

Narcissistic Leaders

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Food Insecurity, Narcissism, Tax Forms, Earthquakes

Episode: Food Insecurity, Narcissism, Tax Forms, Earthquakes

  • Apr 15, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 19:21 mins

Guest: Brad Owens, professor of business ethics at BYU and author of a study on the effects of narcissism in leadership published in the Journal of Applied Psychology Nobody likes a narcissist, and if you know the story of the mythological man Narcissus, for whom the condition was named, you know being a narcissist didn't serve him well. So obsessed with the beauty of his own reflection in a pool of water, he ended up drowning. But, if you're a leader in a dynamic field, you just might need a little narcissism-so long as you know how to be humble occasionally. Such is the finding of a new study by BYU ethics professor Brad Owners, published in the latest Journal of Applied Psychology.